Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gopalan Nair - Who He Is.

Gopalan Nair
Gender: Male
Industry: Law
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Location: Fremont : California : United States
About Me
Determined to find the Truth. Born Singapore, educated Winstedt School 2 (next to Monks Hill in Newton, Singapore) Raffles Institution, National Service, some travel in Europe, then law studies England, return to Singapore, practiced for 10 years, active Workers Party member, stood elections 1988 and 1991 in Singapore, was harassed and persecuted by Lee Kuan Yew for my political beliefs, left for USA, obtained asylum and admitted California State Bar, practice law ever since in Fremont California near San Francisco. Relinquished Singapore citizenship 2005 because I was not prepared to permit Lee Kuan Yew to unjustly retain my CPF funds if I remained Singapore Citizen. On principle, the only correct thing for me to do was to give it up, for my CPF funds. I am an American Citizen as of 2005.

Lawyer Nair now accused of contempt of court

Sun, Nov 02, 2008
The Straits Times

The Singapore Government is going to take former Singaporean lawyer Gopalan Nair to court again. It is accusing him of contempt of court.

The move by the Attorney-General (A-G) comes less than two months after Nair, who is now an American citizen, was jailed for insulting a High Court judge.

This time, the 58-year-old is alleged to have said, among other things, 'that the courts were being abused for political ends'.

Editor: Anyone with half a brain knows that Singapore courts are in fact used for political ends. Lee Kuan Yew is a first class asshole.

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